Why you need to be at
LEGAL MARKET DAY 2022 if ...:

you manage a law firm?

  • you will learn about new models of creating and managing a law office,
  • you will learn how to function in the New Normal times – from lawyers who successfully led their organizations through the difficult times of the pandemic,
  • you will meet unusual ways of development that your competitors have probably not heard about yet,
  • you will find out why perfect substantive preparation is not enough to consciously develop a legal business.

you think that technology in the law office is the future?

  • you will learn the secrets of digital transformation,
  • you will learn which tools are worth using and what to pay attention to when choosing,
  • you will meet the opportunities and threats resulting from the technology usage.

you want to set up a law firm or change the operating model?

  • you will learn in which models you can run a modern office,
  • you will learn practical examples of contemporary models of legal business,
  • you will find that seemingly unusual ways of work can produce excellent results.

do you work in a law firm?

  • you will discover what law firms will look like in the future
  • you will open your eyes that the law firm may operate differently than what you see daily
  • you will see in which direction it is worth developing your career.

 you hire employees for the law firm?

  • you will learn how to effectively manage a team
  • you will see what aspects affect the comfort of work
  • you will find why mental care of employees is important

you wondering if work in the law firm is for you?

  • you will learn what changes await law firms and how it will affect the way they work
  • you will learn what challenges await lawyers in the time of crisis
  • you will find that the realities of the pandemic have also affected the way lawyers perform their duties

That’s not all. Meet our speakers!

Selected speakers


Antony Sloan

Sloan Consulting

Dorota Rzążewska

Polska Izba Rzeczników Patentowych

Heidi K. Gardner

Harvard Law School / Gardner & Co research

Przemysław Rosati

Naczelna Rada Adwokacka

Włodzimierz Krzysztof Chróścik

Krajowa Rada Radców Prawnych