Key information


  • LEGAL MARKET DAY 2019 is the sixth edition of a nationwide conference for lawyers who wish to create and develop innovative law firms.
  • The purpose of LEGAL MARKET DAY is to combine experience with development and innovation.
  • We believe that your company also follows such ideas.
  • If you would like to introduce your brand to several hundred lawyers from the entire Poland, this conference will be a great opportunity for you and your company.  

This form of education for lawyers is a must. They should benefit from every possibility given to them and this conference is a great opportunity.

Bartłomiej Raczkowski

Raczkowski Paruch

I have come across problems that I have to deal with myself. I observed how others solve them. I think this is a perfect idea

Piotr Zimmerman

Zimmerman i Wspólnicy

Nationwide Conference organised by the Tomczak | Stanisławski team was an exceptional event. I was highly convinced by its innovative formula